Plan of Attack…

Alright, fellow readers – tomorrow officially starts our 52 books in 52 weeks challenge with Ender’s Game! I hope you’re all as ready as I am.

I’m holding this book in my hands thinking, “This isn’t too thick. I can handle this in a week.” Then I think, “AHHH! Between full-time classes, juggling toddlers, and all the appointments and plans we have this week, HOW am I going to get this book done?! I’ve made promises I cannot keep!” To keep myself sane, I’ve decided to take a leaf out of Ender’s book (not literally, because the library will make me pay for it!), and plan my attack systematically.

Okay so… my (graciously borrowed) copy of Ender’s Game is 324 pages long (yup – I’m already breaking that “400+ pages” rule… I warned you!). If I want to read this book in a week, I can plan to read 54 pages a day, for six days – which leaves the last day for make up reading. Listen – things happen. Kids get sick (then I get sick), surprise plans pop up, or America’s Got Talent is on. Life gets in the way of reading, and preparing for that is one way I can complete my challenge without feeling guilty or stressing about reading an entire book on a Saturday. I can safely commit myself to 54 pages per day, and breaking it down to a manageable number helps me realize that this book WILL get finished in a week.

If the “54 pages per day” method doesn’t work for you, keep it simple and plan by the chapters. With the Introduction (which should never be skipped even though it isn’t numbered), there are 16 chapters in Ender’s Game. In one week, you can read 2-3 chapters each day and get the book done.

Whatever way you choose to read (pages/day, chapters/day, or “read until my brain explodes”), the most important thing is that you read – and enjoy reading.

So – if you are planning on reading along (and I hope you are), I hope you’re ready to tackle Ender’s Game with me. At the end of the week, I’ll be encouraging a “book club-ish” discussion, and I hope you’ll be participating. Today is the day to go to the library, order the ebook, or hit the used book store!

Thanks for reading along, and I look forward to our book discussion next week!



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8 responses to “Plan of Attack…

  1. You can do it and what a great book to start with–Ender’s Game. Which book is next?

    • Hi Rick –
      We have the month of September all planned out – Ender’s Game, Serena, The Great Gatsby, Darkly Dreaming Dexter, and Frankenstein. September’s “Theme” is books that have been made (or are being made) into Movies or TV Shows! I figured Ender’s Game is a good choice because the movie comes out next month (and I’m looking forward to it!) Pick one and read along!

  2. Karina

    Ahhh I have to buy Ender’s Game tomorrow! I guess the “make up reading” is more of a fact rather than an “if” for me!

  3. kerstin

    Trust me when I say that Ender’s Game is a super easy read! It’s one of my favorite books and I regularly re-read it for fun. You’ll start reading and look up later realizing that 3 hours have gone by and you’re halfway through the book and not even know it! Good luck! I’ll do my best to read along with you!

    • Thanks for reading along. I got about 65 pages done today during the kids’ nap time, and I really enjoyed it. I’m getting some homework done now, then I’ll be back to reading! It’s SO GOOD and such an easy, engaging read!

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