In your words… again…

Keeping with out Movie/TV adaptations theme for September (that is, books that have been turned – or are being turned – into movies or TV shows), I asked some followers on my Facebook page what their FAVORITE book to movie/TV show adaptations were. Here are some responses:

Sara: “The Help. I thought the book told the story better.” (Regina says: “I haven’t read the book yet, but the movie was fantastic! Maybe we can find somewhere in this challenge for ‘The Help.’”)

Christina: “A Clockwork Orange. It’s one of the few I feel actually met and exceeded expectations. A close second would be Fight Club even though the ending was different”

Erin: “GAME OF THRONES” (Regina says: “I agree 100%!!!)

Anna: “One of my top favs is Dickens’ Our Mutual Friend and the screen adaptation.. Our Mutual Friend (1998 TV serial) .. Dumas’ Count Of Monte Cristo was a pretty good book to screen adaptation…at least they didn’t completely butcher how fun a story that it….Edson’ Wit was amazing. Cooper’ The Last Of The Mohicans was wonderful!.. I almost liked the movie better..(probably because Daniel-Day Lewis is beyond sexually attractive).. as was Leroux’ The Phantom Of The Opera.. mmmm , more contemporary is Larsson’ The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo.. Niels Arden Oplev did a great job with the screen adaptation.. Are you just looking for big thick impressive books??? cause.. Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle was such a GREAT screen adaptation.”

Julia: “City of Ember”

So what are your thoughts? What are some of the better book-to-movie/TV show adaptations out there?



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3 responses to “In your words… again…

  1. kerstin

    As far as adaptations go, Rick Riordan’s ‘Percy Jackson’ series weren’t the best, but they were still great movies. Does that even make any sense? The first movie wasn’t all that great because they cut a HUGE chuck of the story out – bits that would have been necessary had they wanted to continue the series on screen – but they did a pretty good job of filling in some of those pieces in the second. And they managed to bring in characters that are essential to the story later in the series.

    Ever heard the line “Don’t read the book if you saw the movie”? or “If you loved the book, beware with the movie”? It’s possible to like these books and movies individually, and I’d like to see how they manage to fix things if they continue with the screen adaptations. There’s been a huge change in one detail regarding the age of a character and the final battle, but I say if the writers changed it as much as they did, then there must be a plan to keep the same actors throughout, and it’s easier -and more believable – to make a late-20-something actor look 20 than it is to make the same actor look 16.

    As for The Help, maybe swap it out for a book during Black History Awareness Month?

  2. Kathleen

    The English patient, beautiful adaptation. The scene where they are looking at the paintings on the ceiling of the church ( mosque) was even more fabulous than I imagined.

  3. Alyssa McCord

    I agree with The Game of Thrones! They did a fantastic job! One of the only stories that I like the movie better than the book is Practical Magic.

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