Annoying Inconveniences

My reading this week has been slacking! I am only about half way through Serena, and was hoping to finish up my reading tomorrow. Looks like I’ll be up all night reading to meet my goal of Saturday!!

I’ve known that life would get in the way, I just wasn’t prepared for it all to get in the way at once. This week my family suffered an illness, some good news, and some surprising news! Wednesday I spent half the day cleaning up 4-year-old throw up (no, the throw up was fresh, it came from my sick little girl), and my whole schedule was thrown off. It’s amazing how pushing back homework for a few hours cuts into my reading time! I got about 10 pages done last night – for shame!

The good news: last week I got an invitation to join the National Society for Leadership and Success, an honor society for college students. I am so proud of this achievement. I’ve never been a particularly stellar student (never been a dolt either), so having my hard work at maintaining that 4.0 GPA recognized by a NATIONAL honor society is like a dream come true! Proud as I was, I wasn’t expecting all the “orientation” that would go into it. So I’ve been playing “catch up” trying to watch about 5, 1-hour long videos, and writing short essay responses. Of course this all needs to be done in a week to ensure I am “leadership material” (what? 4 years in the Marine Corps doesn’t count?!), so again – cutting into my reading time!

The surprising news: My husband, an active US Marine, got orders to California! Right now we live in North Carolina, so the thought of moving across country is kind of daunting. Add to that the fact that we need to prepare our house for sale, get it on the market, and plan a cross-country move (while my 4 year old is home schooled, I try to keep up those As in my full-time college schedule, and my husband is working overtime trying to get our move in order) is making this whole move a little scary. Oh yea, and the fact that we will be moving 2,000+ miles away from our friends and families… not making life too easy right now. Of course, “this is the life I signed on for,” but that doesn’t make it any easier! All this planning is, again, cutting into my reading time!

I knew there would be a point where I hit that proverbial wall, ran out of steam, and realized I totally overextended myself – I just wasn’t expecting it to happen in WEEK 2!!

So now that I’m done whining and feeling sorry for myself, it’s time to figure out my new schedule. I WILL NOT allow these extras get in the way of my reading. I made a commitment to reading 52 books in 52 weeks not because I had anything to prove, but because I love reading, and I have let my love for it falter to the annoying inconveniences of life. But not this time!

What are your little “annoying inconveniences” that get in the way of your passions?


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  1. Kathleen Werner

    Oh the inconveniences- don’t get me started…. Mostly it is traffic interfering with my visiting nurse schedule. I can’t wait to get one of those self driving car so I can do my paperwork while on my way to the next visit. How cool would that be?

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