Throwback Thursday – Vintage Slang

My awesome friend Anna (who needs to hurry up and have her baby, already), lent me her very cool “Vintage Slang Flashcards!” This set of cards introduces old school slang in a new school way – complete with humorous drawings and silly modern day usage of these old school words.


They are so funny to look through! I decided it would be fun to jump on board the #ThrowbackThursdays bandwagon (or is it #tbt? I’m not good with the #hashtag), and put up a new Vintage Slang Flashcard each week. This week’s randomly drawn word… “duck soup.”


According to the card, “duck soup” is a turn of the 20th century (1902) term for 1: an easily accomplished task, project, or duty; 2: a sure success requiring little effort; or 3: an easily overcome victim. Check out the card’s hilarious definition, example sentences and modern day situation in the artwork!


The challenge now? Incorporating this old school term into our vocabulary! Can’t we bring back this slang?!



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5 responses to “Throwback Thursday – Vintage Slang

  1. kerstin

    Tomorrow at work, I’m going to use this to reference the kids’ busy work of the day. They probably won’t get it. I had a senior moment today when I made a Cousin It reference and none of the kids knew who I was talking about…. I’M NOT THAT MUCH OLDER THAN YOU!!!! [Inner Kerstin was screaming at them]

  2. Kathleen Werner

    I have actually used the expression Duck Soup in the past! I hope getting everyone to start using it again will be duck soup. I can’t wait to try it out on some of my elderly patients. I hope it will bring back happy memories.

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