Book 6: Stephen King’s “The Mist”

Keeping with our Halloween theme for October reading, the sixth book on our reading challenge is Stephen King’s The Mist.


This will be my first Stephen King novel, and I’m really excited! I feel like I’m joining some kind of awesome reader club or hitting a major literary milestone by reading my first King book. I chose The Mist specifically because: 1) it was the cheapest King book at the used book store ($2.25?! SCORE!), and; 2) it was the only King novel at the store that I haven’t seen the accompanying movie yet. This is exciting for me because now I get the thrill ride of an untainted reading experience, and then I get to enjoy seeing the movie.

I don’t think my Halloween reading list could be complete without a thriller from Stephen King, and I’m excited to get underway! I hope you’ll pick up this book and join me for an exciting read!


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  1. Kathleen Werner

    Got it!

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