Throwback Friday?

Whoops… forgot my Throwback Thursday post for the second week in a row… I wanted to keep up with the Vintage Slang posts, but I’ll make an effort to continue with that next week (and from then on).

More important than Vintage Slang…..

On this date in 1851, Herman Melville’s Moby Dick is first published as The Whale by Richard Bentley of London.


Even if you don’t read the book – read the opening to the book! It is one of the greatest first lines in any book (but you really should read this book). This is a great book to recommend to that teenage boy in your life (or the “man boy” as I like to refer to the man in my life) who doesn’t like to read… the book oozes masculinity, and might help open their eyes to the joys of reading (especially classic literature, which is often forgotten by teenage/man boys.

To quote Dr. Peter Suski, my high school English teacher: “Fellow literature geeks will understand this: I have favorites that go beyond favorite books, favorite authors, favorite genres, etc. In novels, I have such things as favorite conversations, favorite motifs, favorite settings, etc. The opening of “Moby Dick” is #1 in two categories: Favorite Paragraph in a Novel, and Favorite Opening of a Story Line in a Novel.”

Happy Birthday, Ishmael!



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2 responses to “Throwback Friday?

  1. Kathleen Werner

    Remember when we went to Herman Melville’s home? That was a wonderful trip with you girls.

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