Fall 2013: Semester 2

New classes started today! It’s always so exciting! Think about the possibilities! New “classmates” (I put this in quotes because I’m taking all of my classes online), new professors, new subjects, new BOOKS! I always feel so worn out at the end of a semester – of my professors, of my work, of the monotonous assignments – and starting new classes is like entering a wonderful new world where everything is full of hope and excitement.

And then I open the syllabus……

This semester I am taking two upper level English classes – Renaissance Literature, and 17th and 18th Century British Literature – and one class for my journalism minor – Public Relations Theory. After looking in the syllabus, I realized what a great deal of reading I have assigned to me this semester, and thought, “How am I going to manage these classes along with my book challenge and blog writing?” Then I thought, “Well, I managed it last semester… when I was taking three lower level classes….” These classes will have much more reading than I had last semester. I’m going to have to really buckle down and schedule “school” reading time, and “book challenge” reading time. I’ve found that I’m most motivated to tackle school work first thing in the morning, and get more enjoyment from my “pleasure reading” after I’ve put my kids to bed at night.

Now I remember why my book count dropped this year – my brain can only handle so many words per day before it wants to stare at a TV screen for the rest of the night (and let’s be honest… all the good shows are back on now that it’s Fall).

Any recommendations on how to fit personal reading into a busy school schedule?


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