Throwback Thursday: Vintage Slang #2

I’m excited to post my second Throwback Thursday post, with another hip slang word from my Vintage Slang Flashcards. These cards are hilarious, and include slang from the 18th century and beyond. The card are brightly colored, creatively designed, and include fun illustrations that go along with the words, but are drawing of modern situations.


According to the back of the box: “Vintage Slang Flashcards employ ginchy learning techniques to get you chinning like a hepcat without a bobble“…. Whatever you say, flashcards… This week, I chose one card at random (out of the 60 in the pack), and happened to pick out the card on the front of the box: Spizzererinctum.


According to the back of the card, spizzerinctum hails from 1891, and means “spirit, ambition, will, fortitude, energy” as in “He’s a billionaire now – he always had such spizzerinctum.” Synonyms include: vim, get-up-and-go, razzle-dazzle, zip, punch, sock, oomph, moxie (a word I LOVE and insist on saying with a 1920s radio broadcaster from Chicago voice), zizz, vigor, pep, pizzazz, and zing. The image is of a group of sports fans (slang for fanatics) who are displaying loads of spizzerinctum at a sports game, complete with beer hats and #1 foam fingers.


My challenge to you is to try to incorporate “spizzerinctum” into your vocabulary! Your friends will think you’re making things up, but you can prove them wrong and tell them they’re just uncultured!

Check out my last Vintage Slang Flashcard post, Duck Soup.

Vintage Slang Flashcards are made by Knock Knock, and can be found at … they’d make an excellent gift for the reader in your life… or someone who needs to expand their vocabulary (think about that while you’re doing your holiday shopping this year)!



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2 responses to “Throwback Thursday: Vintage Slang #2

  1. Kathleen Werner

    I think my spizzerinctum (get up and go) got up and went.

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