Week 10 Reading: “Letters From Amelia”

This week kicks off not only our “double digits” of reading, but also starts our November reading! Each month of my year long reading challenge has a theme (see the Themes page), and November’s theme is “Month of Travel” (see the This Month’s Books page to see this month’s selections).

This week’s reading is a book about one of the most famous pilots in American history, and one of the world’s most famous female pilots – Amelia Earhart. Jean L. Backus’s biography Letters from Amelia: An Intimate Portrait of Amelia Earhart uses letters written by Amelia throughout her lifetime to help tell her story.


I have always wanted to learn more about Amelia, but I’ve never really been one for biographical literature. That’s the pleasure of the book challenge – I’m introduced to books I’d never have picked up before! Amelia was far ahead of her time personally and professionally, and I look forward to learning more about this interesting woman. Amelia’s letters will be a great addition to the biography by allowing us to see Amelia’s life in her own words – introducing us to her personality, her intellect, and her sense of humor.

I hope you’ll be inspired to read along with me, and join me by reading at least one book this month.


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