Throwback Thursday: Vintage Slang #3

Happy Thursday, friends! I always love Thursday, because it’s a sign of the impending weekend, and everyone on social media (well, you know… all the cool kids) participates in “Throwback Thursday.” I am a novice to Twitter, so I figured I’d catch onto the trend, and have Throwback Thursday right here on the blog.

How do you do a “throwback” on a blog? Well, I could write about old books, but I kind of already do that. Instead, I’ve been posting about an amazing set of cards loaned to be by my friend Anna (thanks, Anna), called Vintage Slang Flashcards.


These cards are hilarious, and offer a dose of vintage slang dating back to the 18th century (not even joking). The funny part is they combine vintage words with modern pictures and situations. Take this week’s expression for an example: “off the cob”


According to the back of the card, off the cob hails from 1935, and means “1. corny, over-the-top, maudlin” as in “I just saw an off-the-cob chick flick” with synonyms of “schmaltzy, twee, sappy, hokey, cornball” and; 2: unsophisticated or out of dates, esp. in a rural way” as in “Those overalls are so off the cob” with synonyms of “hickish, just off the boat, cornfed.” The pictures shows three girls on a couch, each on their own cell phone, with a quote of “I could cast a kitten, this text message is so off the cob.” Check it out:


My challenge to you is to try to incorporate the expression “off the cob” into your vocabulary! Your friends will probably think you’re insane, but it’ll be a fun way to broaden your vocabulary and get in touch with former generations.

Check out my last Vintage Slang Flashcard post, Spizzerinctum (yup… it’s really a word).

Vintage Slang Flashcards are made by Knock Knock, and can be found at … they’d make an excellent gift for the reader in your life… or someone who needs to expand their vocabulary (think about that while you’re doing your holiday shopping this year)!


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