I <3 Books

Just a little bit of reading motivation for today. I always feel guilty for the vast collection of books I have bought, that sit on my shelves unopened. I have all intentions of making my way to them one day, but for now, they just sit as “intellectual wallpaper” on my bookshelves. I used to see them as broken promises – promises I made to the author, the characters, the book, myself, when I bought the book. Now I see them as endless worlds I will one day be able to delve into.




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3 responses to “I <3 Books

  1. I try my best not to buy too many books, but at the same time, even if I do happen to find myself in that trap, I know I’m supporting the author by merely buying it. After all, I don’t write reviews for most of the books I read, though I will rate them. I primarily write reviews for books that I love that need those reviews.

    • Sometimes books are hard to pass up. Whether it’s the authors name on the book, a continuation of a series, an intriguing title or simply beautiful cover art, books are kind of a temptation for me. I’m the kind of person who takes the jacket off of the book so it doesn’t get damaged (I’ll never forget my mom telling me “those are to protect the BOOK from damage.” As if the beautiful art didn’t matter…) I’m a lover of books, and I truly believe no room is complete without a stack of books somewhere!

  2. kathleen

    It’s a beautiful thing!

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