Week 21 Reading: “Hero”

This week’s reading sticks to our “New” theme for January in two ways – it is both “New Age,” and the newest part of The Secret books (book #4). This week we are reading Hero by Rhonda Byrne.


This book intrigues me. I have heard lots of good things about The Secret, a book and documentary that has inspired people around the world, showing how the power of positive thinking and daily affirmations can change your life. Hero uses the same formula as The Secret, using the experiences of people who are successful in various fields – people who have brought themselves up from bad circumstances, using nothing but their positive attitudes. 

Hero explores the idea that we are each the hero in our own epic (our lives). I tend to be a bit of a skeptical person, and have a hard time thinking anything more than motivation, dedication, and a lot of elbow grease can get me anywhere. This book might be good for me, and is certainly coming along in an important time of my life. I just started my last semester of college, and am looking into jobs. I want to be successful, and maybe it’s time to change my attitude to achieve that. Hero promises to show me that I have all I need already inside of me.

We’ll see how this one goes. Like I said, it’s coming along at an important time in my life, and I sure could use an attitude adjustment!

Are you reading along? Have you read any of The Secret books, or seen the documentary (it’s on Netflix if you’re interested!)?


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2 responses to “Week 21 Reading: “Hero”

  1. Kathleen

    I have read the secret, and watched it on Netflix. It is very interesting. I do believe that thoughts contain energy. (The firing across the synapses is chemical energy) Thinking positive can has a great effect on my life and can affect those around me. I am interested in the Hero book but I am still reading The White Queen so I will have to catch up in the future. PS- I love The White Queen and I wish I could read as fast as you!

    • Well, keep reading “The White Queen.” “Hero” has been really inspiring. I’m trying to be open minded about trying visualizing… I fell asleep last night imagining myself in a high profile job in San Diego!

      I’ll send you “Hero” when I’m done. It’ll be good to keep for future reading 😀

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