My Year in (book) Reviews is that exactly – my lofty goal of reading one book per week for an entire year. Avid readers will look at that goal and scoff. “One book per week?” they’ll ask. “I can read a book in a day.” Congratulations! You are an exceptional reader, and it’s quite a skill to read a book in a day! I’d love to read a book in a day, but real life gets in the way.

A bit about me. My name is Regina. I am a wife, a mom to two toddlers, a full-time online student, a Marine Corps veteran, a semi-homeschooler (let me explain…), and a proud devourer of books. I love books. My shelves are stocked with them. I have everything from historical fiction to young adult novels, from reference books to classic literature, from children’s books to smutty paperbacks – there’s very few books I’ll turn away. I used to dedicate all my free time to reading, but my passion has taken a back seat to my responsibilities – mom, wife, student. Maybe you can relate?

I bet you can.

So, to challenge myself, I thought “why not read a book per month? NO! A book every other week! NO! A book per week! NO! A BOOK PER DAY!” Then I stopped myself, realized I was going overboard, and settled on one book per week, for an entire year. I’ve decided to make this interactive – invite you, my readers, to join me on this (possibly insane) literary journey. Will life get in the way? Sure it will – for all of us – but that’s half the fun!

Each month of the year I’ll have a theme, and every week I’ll tackle a different genre. This way, together we can cover all of our interests, and introduce ourselves to books we never would have picked up in the first place. Along the way I’ll be blogging about how life goes on despite my literary pursuits – and the role reading plays in my life.

Will you join me?!

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