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Week 14 Reading: “Holidays on Ice”

Well I’m super excited about this week’s book! It is the first of December’s “Month of Holiday” books! A comedy and a memoir from a very funny man, David Sedaris, who’s books I really enjoy reading! This week’s book is “Holiday’s on Ice.”


The book is a group of short stories by Sedaris, memories about his holidays growing up. It is bound to be funny, and the artwork on the cover (a lovely glass of something alcoholic) hints that Sedaris had interesting family experiences during the holiday! I am really looking forward to getting some laughs from this book!

If you chose to read along and pick up this VERY skinny book, please don’t persecute me! It is finals week and I have three MAJOR essays due! I’ll be writing approximately 20 pages of research paper for my classes, and I purposely chose a small book so I could focus on my papers instead of on trying to make my way through a huge novel. I also chose this book specifically because I think it will provide some much needed comic relief from my hectic and stressful week.

It wouldn’t be the holidays without being hectic or stressful, now would it?!

I hope you’ll join me this week to enjoy the comedic stories by Sedaris! I have previously read (well, listened to on an Audio Book) his book Me Talk Pretty One Day, and my husband and I were laughing out loud hearing Sedaris himself read his very funny book! I can’t wait to pick this one up, and I hope we can be laughing out loud together!


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