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In your words…

Keeping with the Movie/TV theme for September (that is, books that have been made into movies or tv shows) I asked followers on the My Year in Book Reviews Facebook page what they thought the WORST book-to-movie (or TV show) adaptations are. Here are a few suggestions:

Christina: “Choke, even thought I do like the movie… it’s not easy to follow on it’s own. If you haven’t read the book it’s a lot harder to get into.”

Haley: “The Host (don’t judge me) I liked the book – kind of like invasion of the body snatchers from the aliens’ point of view – but the movie was horrible. Trying to have a conversation in your head with the same voice was bad enough, but they did a terrible job with the character development. It was boring and they added action that never happened in the book. Just all around bad.” (Regina says: “No judgment from me… we all have our guilty pleasures!)

Erin: “Battlefield Earth”

Anna: “We just watched Burton’s Alice in Wonderland again and it has to be on the list of ‘MOST UNLIKE THE BOOK.’” (Regina says: “I haven’t read ‘Alice in Wonderland’ but I can’t imagine Burton’s take on it was anything like how it was supposed to be… but that’s kind of Burton’s style”)

So what to you think? What, in your opinion, are some of the WORST book-to-movie adaptations?



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